Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Great Escape....or Lady Luck

Opening bank: £116.05

Daily target (2.5%): £2.90

Sometimes things happen that cause us to change our plans... such an event was a call from a mate to go out last night to watch live music - something I rarely turn down! Being picked up at 8.15 meant another evening of first half trading only!

I had placed a back of £50 on 2-0 in the Sheffield Wednesday match and it had been matched by lunchtime. I placed my lay bet 1 tick below, the aim being to achieve a 'free' £25 on 2-0.... Team news from the two camps before kick off  suggested resting lots of players, and Wednesday were going into battle without two key centre-backs. Inevitably the 2-0 price drifted, whereas my expectation was for it to come in a bit, and my lay wasn't matched prior to kick-off.

My plan then was to jump straight in after the lifting of the k/o suspension, but unfortunately someone put a massive lump of money 1 tick higher than mine! I was in the process of moving my bet up a couple of ticks to take a small hedged loss and WHAM! SUSPENDED....1-0! Phew! A goal the other way would have left my £100 to £2000 experiment looking a little bit sorry for itself unless I had been able to conjure something up...

Because the opening goal was so early in the game the effect on the 2-0 price wasn't fantastic, but I put my lay bet in to give me a £35 free profit on 2-0 leaving zero on all other scores, and waited a few minutes for the price to drop a bit further before greening up. Just after I greened up Wednesday went 2-0! Too late for that trade but an ideal opportunity to nick a few ticks by laying Any Unquoted at 2.60. My friend called for me as promised at 8.15 so I left home relieved to have exceeded my daily target with a somewhat fortuitous £5.26 net of commission! I hadn't touched the Betis game at all, which is a shame as although it ended 2-1 the first goal wasn't scored until the 40 minute mark, and the game would have been ideal for my intended trade!

Profit: £5.26

Bank at end: £121.31

A quick look at my progress so far:

After four days, I am where I should be after 8 days - that's a situation I can live with...

Today's trade - or lack of!

The International Break has left an absolutely awful In-Play Coupon today, and one of the rules of Gun's new disciplinarian regime is 'Don't trade for the sake of it...' so a day off for me today.

Be back later with some thoughts on the internationals tomorrow evening.


  1. Good Luck with the challenge Gundulf. I've started something similar but it's more of a survival thing for me. It would be good if you can add my blog to your blog list. I've already included yours on mine.

    The Chance Trader

  2. Hi there,

    What has happened to your challenge, did the discipline go? I think that is the hardest challenge of a trader.

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    Hope to hear from you soon



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