Which software is used?

In my opinion you can trade the soccer markets using the Betfair website alone if you really want to. Make sure the 'What If?' box is ticked under the 'More options...' tab to the top of the main screen.

However, if you wish to trade faster moving markets, or to optimise your soccer trading you really ought to try using specialist software. Not only does this enable you to 'green' your position automtically it is much easier to see exactly what is going on in the market compared to the limited information available on the Betfair website alone.

I have tried most of the popular software solutions out there, and it's fair to say they all work extremely well, so ultimately it's personal choice as to which to use.

On the rare occasions that I trade horses pre-race my software choice would be The Geek's Toy. Fast, with a good range of tools available and best of all (at the moment, anyway)  it's completely FREE!! You can have up to ten selections showing in a ladder form to give a fantastic feel for the depth of the market and price movements. The image below shows a horse race with just a few selections open - just to give you a feel for it..

The Geek's Toy may be accessed here.

For soccer, and any other sports markets I prefer to use BetTrader Evolution. A browser based system this again is free in standard form. If you wish to trade really fast moving markets like pre-race horses you really need to pay for the 'Turbo speed' upgrade. Prices are reasonable, and the difference in performance together with the vast range of tools available will enable you to take your trading on to the next level. The screenshot below shows a typical Evo sports market in all its glory. The ladder interface is open, and the 'Tools' panel has been expanded to show the range available to you..

Get Evo here: