Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Reality TV Trading (don't adjust your screen, I haven't gone 'soft' in my old age :) )

An interesting piece on this over at Sports Trading Life caught my eye the other day. It's remarkable what these blasted 'international breaks' make a footie trader read!

Anyway, what was written made perfect sense to me so I searched for, and eventually found, the markets for 'I'm a Celebrity......' My (mainly younger) colleagues I'm sure think I live under a stone somewhere when it comes to popular Kulture, and I had to smile to myself when I had to ask or google who four of the 9 'slebs' were! Anyway, I did recognise Joey Essex, the early favourite. On consulting Mrs Gun she's firmly of the opinion that he's gorgeous, and I must grudgingly admit that he does have a certain 'air' about him that undoubtedly appeals to the feminine audience. Changing tack slightly I asked who, in her opinion, is the biggest w****r in the field? The answer was shot back immediately - and on looking at the odds I don't fancy laying that person - especially as he/she (don't want Mrs Gun or self to be sued for slander!) was one of the people I'd had to look up!

To cut a long story short, I've laid Mr Essex as early favourite at odds of just under 2. If people really want to fly half way round the world to eat locusts and centipedes that's their business. If people really want to watch them, that's their business. I just hope Mr Essex blots his copy book somewhere and enables me to have a successful first (and last???) foray into Reality TV trading.

Interlude over.... proper trading resumes this weekend until the next International Break. Hopefully STL can come up with a fresh trading plan for me by then.