Thursday, 2 January 2014

(Almost a very...) Happy New Year... and a request for some help!

Happy New Year everyone, and I hope your heads are fully recovered from whatever revelry you partook of and that you are ready to face 2014 in both a personal and a trading sense.

The 'Almost a very..' qualifier in the title refers to my recent performance in Cassini's Friendly Tipster League. I've been languishing near the foundation of said league for a while now, and whilst I knew hitting correct scores sufficiently frequently to challenge for the cash was unlikely, I am, in truth, more than a bit disappointed by my dismal showing! But I came soooo close to a massive reversal of fortunes on New Year's Day when late goals robbed me of no fewer that four winners, although a VERY late equaliser turned a loser into a winner. So a net three decent profits gone in the dying embers of ten games. I suppose the moral of the story (for this is far from an isolated occurrence although it was the most costly thus far) is to lay the current score in evenly matched games in the last five minutes of the 90 wherever you can!

I wait with baited breath for the next update to the league to see if I've managed to do a Fulham and claw myself out of the relegation dogfight!

My cry for help is for some computing advice...

I'm in the process of putting together a piece of software using SQL Express and I would like to be able to record the Home and Away teams for each trade. Once I've sufficient data I hope to be able to draw some pointers from it for the future.

It seems to me pretty daft to have two separate tables with the same teams in them so I'd like ideally to reference the same table for two teams but there is no direct relationship between them other than that they are both soccer teams! I've looked in the usual places but am a little confused as how best to accomplish this, my goal is to have a trade table looking something like this:

The front end will be written in Vb hence the choice of SQL over Access. Any advice gladly received even if it's 'give it up, Gun, and stick to Excel!'. Thanks in advance.