Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Low liability laying part 2

Last night: Watford 2 Norwich 0 - laid Watford at 1.14, 2-2 full time, Norwich went on to win 2-3 in Extra Time.

Tonight: Bologna 3 AC Milan 1 - laid Bologna twice (once at 2-1, but went in a bit deeper at 3-1). Milan pulled it back to 3-3.

Elche v Real Madrid: Laid U2.5 goals at 50 mins at 1.33. RM take a one goal lead. Laid them in Match Odds at 1.18. 92 minutes Elche equalised. Greened Match Odds, but the 2.5 didn't afford an opportunity. Laid the draw for a £25 liability at 1.07. Madrid get, and score, a 95th minute penalty - the only time in my memory that I have anything good or positive to say about the 'winker' ;)

Total liability for these trades less than £150. Total profit over £700. That's why I like low liability laying!

Monday, 9 September 2013

Drive for show...putt for dough

All golfers will, I'm sure, have heard that hoary old chestnut that succinctly highlights the fact that success (for Tiger Woods or an occasional hacker like me) in golf occurs at the business end of the hole, not the 300 yard 'skinner' off the tee. A decent tee shot certainly helps, but low scores in golf emanate from your ability around the green.

This was brought into my mind when I looked at the latest FTL positions over at Green Allover. We are five weeks into the season - where does the time go?? - and a pattern is starting to take shape now. What I found interesting is that the strike rates of the players in the top half of the table are quite close yet the returns vary considerably. So there are some good ball strikers who might want to consider spending some time on the putting green! For some the numbers are as yet small, so it will be interesting to have another look in a month or so when the figures will have more meaning.

For my own selections, I have to say I'm massively encouraged as a result of the last couple of weeks. I thought I might struggle to hit enough scores to make headway, especially as Cassini is calculating the positions on a point p/l basis. I submit 10 selections per week, risking a total of ten points per selection. I strongly suspect that there will be at least one week where I suffer a complete wipeout which would represent a 100 point loss! Champions League spot to relegation in one fell swoop is always just around the corner! On the other hand I might, just might, hit a 100% S/R one week. Watch this space.