Thursday, 8 December 2011

Is it just me that doesn't understand UEFA sometimes?

Wayne Rooney has had his three match ban 'modified' to a two match ban and a sort of 'suspended sentence' for the third match. This enables him to participate, if selected, in the final group match against Ukraine at the Euros next year. The offence, you will doubtless recall, was a petulant kick aimed at (and connecting with!) a hapless Montenegran defender in the recent qualifier. Not a mistimed tackle or a professional foul, but a deliberate hack. Some might argue that Rooney was frustrated. So what? Society would cease to function at all if any Tom, Dick or Wayne were to go round booting people out of frustration!

Last night, at the conclusion of Manchester United's dire defeat at the hands of Basel and their failure to qualify for the knock out stages of the Champions League, there he was right in the referee's face, yet again. I don't know why Wayne thought the referee was responsible for United's demise. Unless you know different I don't think it was the ref who missed an open goal from 6 or 7 feet! He does seem incapable of knowing when to stop.

I've nothing against the man, and admire his talents when they are applied in the right direction. But I can't help wondering if a player with less 'stature' (per chance with less financial 'pull'?) would have got such leniency.

From a trading perspective, I'm sure my old mate Lamb must be smiling inwardly at the news. I know he's been steadily backing England for the Euros and I'm sure the news will have caused England's price to come in a bit more.


  1. You know me so well...

    Despite Mr. Rooney now being available for selection in the game against Ukraine, and whilst I don't dispute they have some talent, the real crunch matches in the group will be against the Swedes, who we have only beaten once, and France. As such, sadly, the market has had very little reaction to the news. Roll on the summer.

  2. Interesting, Lamb. It's obviously mainly 'pro' money in the market at the moment I guess, the 'patriotic' money will come in later. In a trade like this the key question (unless, for some reason, you think England can win!) is when to take the money and run. Good luck with that one mate!

  3. I think it was widely expected that he would get a reduced ban, it could have already been factored into the price.

    But I think you're right Dave, the patriotic money will come in later when all the hype starts at the end of the domestic season, then the big swing will probably kick in.

  4. Let's hope so FG - the time to get on is definitely now if it's a trade you want to get involved with.